Since 1993

Our Main Mission

So you're finally ready to take that improv class you've been meaning to do since you moved to LA? Great!

But what are your goals in taking an improv class? Hmm, good question.

Do you need to add another tool in your actor utility belt, looking to expand your creativity for writing, or you want be a improv comic? Then you've come to the right place.

Universal Improv is designed to help you meet your needs and goals with the guidance and attention you deserve!

Truth is, most improv schools nowadays are sink or swim when it comes to their students. Not here. To be fair, I'm sure they care about their students, but frankly your success is my success.

With over 8 years experience teaching workshops and classes, Universal Improv gives you the tools, and confidence you need to achieve your goals.

I've taught improvisers, working actors, writers, university/college/high school students, kids, and non-performers looking to challenge themselves while having fun.

Their personal growth in ability and confidence is a mutual reward, and it happened because they committed to working with Universal Improv. You take your career serious? Then why not your training?



What's on your mind...

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