The Improv Classes

Universal Improv offers three classes that cover all you need to know. From the basics & fundamentals to exploration of character to creating organic scenes with a strong pov or emotion.


Improv Coaching

Putting together an improv team, but need a coach to help you develop a form or give notes/feedback? We got you covered. Reasonable rates for dependable coaching.


The Improv Workshops

Interested in setting up an improv workshop for your School, Theater Company, or Corporate Event? Universal Improv offers workshops tailor made to fit your needs and wants with flexibility and satisfaction. Contact us for additional info & rates.


If you live outside of the greater Los Angeles area and are in need of quality improv training, we are hear to help.

Whether you are seeking a one on one session or coach for your improv team, Universal Improv can provide you with excellent service to help you achieve success!

For online solo classes/improv team coaching questions and rates please contact us at:


The Fundamentals

The ABC's of improv. The Fundamentals is an introductory class where students will learn improv guidelines, exercises, and short form games. This class is geared toward establishing and strengthening one's foundation, helping you to becoming a well rounded improviser. 8 week class, 1 class per week, 3 hours per class.


Coming Soon...The Gym(Ongoing Class)

Drop in class for those looking to continue developing their improv muscles. Time to get some reps in! 4 classes per month, 1 class per week, 2 hours per class.

**Requirement: Completion of The Fundamentals

What's on your mind...

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